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we will stop by with happy fans in san francisco. >> they were, indeed. you know, the color of the hour, red and gold. it is right behind me. the city is bleeding the colors tonight. and fans could not be happier. just within minutes of winning that championship game today they spilled out on the streets. delirious with joy, celebrating the home team. now, the countdown begins. by the way the big easy has nothing on united states when -- on us when it comes to street parties. they are on the sidewalk -- >> reporter: they are on the sidewalk, in the bars, and parading down the streets. 9ers fever is incurable tonight. >> it is all great. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this guy had his own version of capernicking. >> reporter: and it did not take long for the new orleans- themed t-shirts. at $20 they were moving fast.
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>> we got it. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: throughout the celebrating city, cops were keeping a close eye on public drinking, confiscating any liquor consumed on the sidewalk. this team headed for the super bowl. >> reporter: well, police were keeping an eye on people. anybody with liquor in their hands they confiscated it but tonight they only had a handful of arrests. >> that is good to hear, linda, thank you. let's get to julia goodrich who is live at san jose airport where the 49ers are due to land any minute. >> reporter: we are in an exciting location. i keep looking over my shoulder because they are expected to land here any minute. the team coming home after a
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long flight, after an amazing game. they will board the bus and then home to their family with open arms. and you bet those san jose fans tonight were excited and they had visions of that stadium here in 2014. >> it is dominating. it is dominating. stay tuned roar the 49ers fans in the south bay and sharks fans join together to watch the games on an off the charts sports day for the bay area. >> san francisco giants, the san francisco 49ers, the stars, that is it. that is it. that is it. yep. >> go 9ers. >> reporter: former sharks captain and owner of the sports bar said it has been a memorable day in the south bay. >> you kind of have the best of both worlds. the sharks games on, and the playoffs, is your eye going back and forth today? >> well t is weird, you -- it
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is weird, you want to cheer for the niners to get the super bowl and the sharks are starting off their journey to get to a stanley cup. i would like to see the brothers go at it. but my heart is in san francisco. >> reporter: with the 49erss headed to the super bowl, niner fans can not wait to see them play in the santa claira stadium. the team's future home in 2014. >> oh my god we are going to love it. love it. everyone is going to go. all of our friends from south bay. we have always been 49er fans. >> reporter: so, the team is expected to arrive here any minute and san jose international airport and in fact last check we were told 11:08. we keep checking. we will bring you the pictures as the team comes home after that amazing win today. >> nobody is looking away. all right, thank you very much. sports director dennis o'donell is here with more on the record comeback. it was a cool game. >> yes. she is going to make her first
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ark peerance on "game day" in 20 minutes. john harbaugh has not reacted to playing his brother. because he was on the plane when it was discovered who they were going to play. the tpraoeupers have not won 3 in a -- the 49ers have not won 3 in a row all year. tpogd came from 3 points down. aoá nobody came from 3 points down -- nobody came from 3 points down. he had 90 yards, two touchdowns and the defense shutout the falcons in the 2nd half and the 49ers win 28-24. headed to the super bowl. here is vern glen in atlanta. >> reporter: good evening, from the georgia dome in atlanta. the game may have been over hours ago but the tingles of that 49 irwin over the falcons to advance to the super bowl is going to last at least until february 3rd when they are actually there. >> a big top for the 49ers
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defensively. >> you know, we never blink. we give up a touchdown, you know, we blow cover rem, tackles, never blink. we know who we are. >> getting davis, the touchdown. >> you know, the coach got criticism when he switched to you. do you feel like you are testifying it in this game and every other game? >> i am thankful he made this decision. >> he played great. he played great. i don't even know the words to say it. i mean, he -- it was a great performance by the quarterback. >> we will have more insight from the guys who got it done coming up on game day from the georgia dome in atlanta, cbs 5. >> one of the great moments came after the game. we will show it to you on "game day" when the trophy was handed to eddie. >> yes,y saw that. >> yes -- yes, i saw that.
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>> so much turmoil in that family since skwred -- jed and his father took over. i thought it was a classy guesture for him to do that. >> yes. a lot of 49er fans know this. all right, you need this for "game day". >> yes. i am on the bandwagon. objective reporter, me? >> no, not now. >> i am going to keep it. [ laughter ] you can watch the 49ers play the ravens in the super bowl right here on cbs 5. it is two weeks from today, sunday, february 3rd in new orleans. kickoff, 3:30 and the week leading up to the super bowl we will have a team of reporters in the big easy covering the niners and bay area fans. that coverage begins a week from tonight. okay, but the big event tomorrow. the public swearing in of president barack obama. the oath of office was administered today privately but the public event will draw hundreds of thousands to the national mall.
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we go to washington, d.c. tonight with events that attracted people from here in the bay area, christen? >> reporter: that is right. we already know this inauguration will be nowhere on the scale of the 1 in 2009. we are hearing that the crowd will be estimated at about 700,000. smaller than it was. the mall crowded with gates and security checkpoints as they prepare to make history again. >> reporter: president barack obama wrapped up the first day of his second term at a candlelight sell is pwraeugz in washington. >> after we celebrate let's make sure to work as hard as we can to pass on an america that is worthy not only of our past but of our future. >> reporter: just before noon president barack obama took the oath of office at the white house. >> reporter: the chief justice led the official swearing in. >> the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: it was over in
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less that a minute. >> i did it. >> the constitution requires it on the 20th of january because the day fell on the weekend they will do it again for the public tomorrow and on the national mall security is set with miles of fencing. >> you can see preparations here well under way here on the mall and hear behind me the dress rehearsal happening for the music. >> reporter: this will not be as big as four years ago, 700,000 are expected to attend compared to $1.8 million. that does not matter -- to 1.8 million. that does not matter. >> tell not be as large it will be just as wonderful. >> reporter: happen on the 50th anniversary of martin luther king, jr's "speech" lends something of their own. >> i tell my son, you know, strive for the best. maybe you can be the first hispanic.
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>> reporter: president barack obama has been working on his inaugural address since december and putting finishing touches on it this weekend. he is expected to lay out his vision for his next term. back to you. >> all right, we look forward to more reports tomorrow. in fact, our coverage begins at 4:00 a.m. the public swearing in is at 8:55, followed by the president's speech. that is all tomorrow morning on cbs 5 and they will be there with it all. live pictures from the airport where the 49ers team's charter has just landed. the team managed to win 28-24. that, of course, earned them a pop spot in the super bowl against the ravens. of course, the ravens beat the patriots, setting up the -- we are calling it the bro-bowl.
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they will have a chance to talk to jim about playing against his brother and the super bowl is two weeks from today right here on cbs 5. we will have a team of reporters filing reports a week from tonight. we hope you join us. all right, the best surfers in the world go head-to-head off of the coast. the scene today at mavericks. voters are refusing to budge afterdeck aids of living on the water. [ wind howls ] [ dog barks ]
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all right, breaking news, the nfc championship, san francisco 49ers, getting off of the plane now after coming back from atlanta where they beat the fall cons, 28-24. they are heading back to the training facility and heading home. julia is out there live and hopefully she will get a chance to talk to the team players and the coach and she will have more for us on game day tonight. well, the 49ers were not the only competition worth watching today. the mavericks surfing invitational took place at half- moon bay. and dozens of surfers took on the big waves. we have more on the event
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drawing big crowds. >> reporter: at the mavericks surf competition those who wanted to see the big waves had to deal with the big wait. >> we were assuming we could of bought tickets when we got here. i did not think it would be sold out so soon. >> all over the world people come here to see people surf at maverick. >> they are watching the broadcast of the greatest surfers in the world taking on the biggest waves of the planet. the viewing was restricted to this parking lot when the authorities chosed the beach after spectators were almost washed out to sea two years ago. they admit this probably makes more sense. >> unless you have binoculars and stuff it is hard to tell who is in what position and who is doing well and who is not doing well. i think it this is safe and sane. >> the fact that it is -- it is surfers and it is this
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organized amazes me. nothing against surfers at all. >> reporter: one advantage of watching on the screen is the go pro cameras. the wide angle cameras were fed live and gave viewers a close- up skperpbs. >> they put the footage up -- close-up views. >> they put up the footage, it is freaky. it is pretty cool. >> reporter: cool but not cold. and that appealed to brad who is visits here from michigan. >> that is what they would expect californians to do. spend the sunday afternoon watching the surfing on a big screen in the middle of the parking lot. >> okay. >> reporter: so we were not on the beach, the sun was shining and the boys are surfing and we were not in michigan. what is not to like about that? >> and the bay area came up big in this year's competition. the winner, a 43-year-old from santa cruz followed up by zach from san francisco and greg
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long of san clemente. one thing you notice is picture perfect blue skies out there at maverick. >> that is what they want. not just that but the blue skies. we will experience high surf again and next sunday and monday as l. -- as well. you will have cloud coverage as well. good evening, everybody, hrats let's -- let's take a look at the highs today. what a day, 57 degrees typically but instead, 65. average high, 57 but instead, 64 in san jose. 60 in concord to 69 in oakland. however, it was 70 degrees in monterey bay. this is the scene looking out towards coit tower. tonight, overnight, still, subfreezing to the north in
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santa rosa. going to the east and throughout livermore. 37 degrees. check out pacifica in the low 40s into oakland. san jose right now, looking out towards the ratunda of city hall. there will be areas of frost overnight and then monday for the holiday. the high surf advisory remains in effect and we are looking at cooler and cloudy conditions by wednesday. this is the storm track. carrying low pressure up and over the dome of high pressure that is in western states at this time. leaving us with the above average temperatures for this time of the year. however, the air quality is beginning to improve due to that off shore wind kicking up at 10 to 15 miles an hour. this is the future cast. monitoring the days going by. tuesday night, overnight, seeing the saturation of the cloud cover. ed with, will be mostly -- wednesday will be most he cloudy. right now i believe precipitation will be north of the golden gate bridge and heading towards thursday we will see partial clearing of
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the skies. tomorrow, 63 degrees for the holiday. at the state capitol. after an overnight low, 4 below. on the north and southshores. 65 in fresno and 70 degrees again. our numbers, again, pretty stagnant, in the 60s from the coast through the inland areas. 63 degrees in sanoma and in napa. middle 60s across the valley. here you have the extended forecast calling for the clouds on wednesday to gather. partial clearing of the skies, thursday, friday, then, over the weekend, again, computer modils can not agree it looks unsettled and uncertain for saturday and sunday with the threat. the holiday, good weather if you want to head out to the beach for the holiday. >> all right,. >> enjoy. >> thank you very much. new information coming out of algeria tonight about the hostage siege. what military forces discovered during a search of the gas complex in the sierra desert. we are going to have a large group of people out
11:18 pm
there. this has never been done before. >> an inauguration as art. how a california man and dozens of enlifties will capture history in a new way
11:19 pm
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militants at an algerian gas field. the death toll from the terrorist siege has climbed to at least 81. algerian six filipino workers have been identified as host ames. the death aoá hostages. the death toll has climbed to 89. sources searching the complex found 25 more bodies today. security official said many victims were disfigured they could not immediately be identified. the officials are having trouble determining if the dead
11:21 pm
were hostages or terrorists itch. coming soon from former secretary of state, rice, the former bush candidate member will be joining cbs news as a contributure. rice was the first african- american woman to hold the post of secretary of state. president barack obama took the oath of office today in a private ceremony at the white house. sworn in on january 20th as required. in a cbs 5 report, the santa cruz painter will be among 1,000 artists capturing it for prosperity. >> reporter: it started with what aaron calls his own act that president barack obama 2009 inauguration. >> the making of art is the ultimate democracy. >> reporter: armed with paintbrushes and an easel he traveled to washington, d.c. in 2009. here he is painting the presidential inauguration as it
11:22 pm
was happening around him that day, four years ago. >> reporter: looking back on that painting in his studio, he gets emotional. >> it is just a tearful time. it is a tearful, grateful time. >> reporter: but for him that act was not the end. about a year ago he started planning to do it again. to come to the next inauguration. but this time to bring 1,000 artists with him. >> l i don't know if we will do that but we will have a large group of people out there. this has never been done before. >> reporter: he gathered 100 artists, a white jumpsuit- wearing flash mob on the nation's capitol. >> the idea is focus. >> reporter: for him it is not about democrats or republicans he painted at both conventions last year. >> i did not see how many layers were on this capitol building. >> reporter: he believes there is a natural thing between art
11:23 pm
and politics that art can be sad in a polarized world. >> in a way bringing a large group of people to make art is sort of like a theraputic thing. >> >> reporter: while everything is going on tomorrow, he and the pozzy of artists will be out this painting, sculpting and dancing and miming. -- posse of artists will be out there painting, skulling, -- sculpting and miming. >> that is great. >> do you know what he is going to be say something. >> reporter: we do have an idea. he will talk about unit and lay out a general plan for his next
11:24 pm
term. >> all right, thank you. another reminder, her live coverage continues tomorrow. she will be following the festivities for us and talking to people from the bay area as they witness history. movie fans in the mood for a good scare. the film with the most frightening finish this weekend.
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animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? being ignored tonight in a tiny watery enclave on the penninsula... pete's harbor has been a longtime fixture in redwood city. but last fall, boaters who call eviction orders are being
11:27 pm
ignored tonight on the peninsula. pete's harbor has been a long time fixture. last fall, voters who called the inlet home were told to pull up anchor and leave. >> l i feel it is my duty as a citizen to stay here. >> reporter: paul has been here for 12 years. living on a boat in pete's harbor in redwood city. >> a historic waterway right here. sometimes it is like the nature channel. >> reporter: the harbor's owner is ready to get rid of it. >> reporter: ready to sell it. all of these boats were supposed to be gone by january 15th but a dozen remain. >> we believe this is public trust land. it belongs to the people of california. and it should stay with the people of california. >> while the inner harbor is private land, the outer harbor belongs to the state. it is run by pete's harbor on a lease. the boat leases from pete and those leases are expired. >> the small number of hang
11:28 pm
ons, if you will, are really there in an effort to occupy the harbor. and we feel that is not the appropriate action and not beneficial to anybody. >> reporter: but the fight continues. today a fundraiser in wood side for the legal fight the groups lawyer a harbor resident is hoping everyone will be able to return. they were able to get sued. and the development plan. and they filed a lawsuit in supreme court. >> some of the people who still live here have a meeting on thursday with the state lands commission in sacramento. in redwood city, cbs 5. >> tonight, barbara walterss is hospitalized after a nasty fall at a washington, d.c. party. the veteran news woman was at the british ambassadors residents when she fell cutting
11:29 pm
her head. she was admitted to the hospital as a precaution, walters, who is 83, reportedly was telling the staff to do, an aid says that is a good sign. we'll be right back.

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